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East Fork Road 1488 97544, United States

Currently: Quality Hand Tools May change to: Effective, Durable Hand Tools

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The Tool Merchants is an online store where you can buy all the quality hand tools you would need to work efficiently in your garden, orchard, forest or workshop. Conceived as an idea by Matt, the founder of The Tool Merchants, the online store has as exhaustive collection of quality hand tools with in-depth descriptions to help you find the right tool. Matt who is himself a homesteader believes in a self-sufficient lifestyle and knows the importance of having a good, efficient, and sturdy hand tool that helps him with his daily routine. Most of the tools available in the market come with no prior description and are generally inefficient and uncomfortable at their intended task. For an avid gardener or homesteader, it is extremely hard to find the right tool for the unique job he has on his mind. The Tool Merchants aims to solve such problems by offering a wide range of quality tools that are well researched and well tested to perform season after season. If you are a gardener, you can find all kinds of rakes, short, and long handle tools for digging and weeding purposes on our store. The online store also has a wide array of forest and orchard tools used for pruning, cutting, chopping, splitting, and sharpening. Lastly, the store also features a variety of knives and workshop tools that will keep you well equipped and ready at any moment. To know more on the online store, visit &

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Opening hours

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